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Let me start by saying that itís perfectly alright to feel lost. Itís alright not to have the latest gadgets and gizmos. Itís alright not to be doing what everyone else is doing Ė or even wanting to do what everyone else is doing. Itís alright to feel as though youíre drowning in a world of expectation. Itís alright to want to travel instead of going to university. Itís alright not to do either of those things. Itís alright to want to better yourself. Itís alright not to become a part of the societal norm. Itís alright to feel lost. Iím lost. I have been for a while. I spent much of my teen years and early twenties denying who I am. I denied what I loved in exchange to be welcomed and accepted into the community of those who valued the ďtraditionalĒ life. From time to time, I had moments where I knew this was not the sort of place I belonged, but I frequently denied any kind of question about how I was living my life. After all, I was at university getting drunk with friends most nights. However, I also had a job while I was working towards a degree. I was building my future! Wasnít this what life was about? After university, I joined the rat race and got myself a job. I even bought a car on finance. Thatís what weíre supposed to do, right? Pay extraordinary amounts of money to show off to others how privileged we are and how well weíre doing? However, that feeling of wondering where I belonged and the question, ďWhat am I actually going to do with my life?Ē was unrelenting. Not only was I asking myself that question, but so was everyone else around me. Theyíd ask when I was going to get ďseriousĒ about my life. In other words, when was I going to settle down and have a family. My mum still asks me when am I going to have children at least once a week. I found myself getting tired of modern world pressures, as well as its values and rules about what makes me successful, and how we weíre all supposed to live. Eventually, life became so unsatisfactory that I found no joy in my day-to-day business. My days were empty. I felt empty. I was tired all the time, I complained about everything, and all I could see were the flaws. I was on autopilot wondering when the hell life would get its colour back. I knew I needed to get out, but I couldnít see the path. Iíd wake up in the morning and find it such an effort to get up out of bed. I was slowly being eaten up by who I was supposed to be. I didnít like it. Questions kept cropping up, like: ďWhat am I doing?Ē, ďWhere do I belong?Ē, ďWhat am I here to do?Ē, and ďAm I actually achieving anything?Ē Iíd see other people around me achieving so much and I wondered if I was living life wrong. Is there a wrong way to live life? The answer to that is no, but itís extremely frustrating seeing others sailing through life with ease while I felt like I was caught in a rip-tide of confusion, expectation, and a desire to do more. It was then that I realised I was lost. I had been lost for all that time, but to admit that to myself would mean Iíd have to actually change my life and admit that I was quite simply unhappy! Iíd have to take a bashing to my pride. Who wants that? However, ever since I admitted it, Iíve been slowly carving my path the way that I want it to be. Iím still feeling lost, but itís not as suffocating as it once was. It usually becomes unbearable when I start looking towards the future and I have a momentary panic about what Iíll be doing in five, ten, twenty years. Then I remind myself, Iím here in this moment and not there in the future. I try and remember that I need to concentrate on the beauty of the present moment. Below, Iíve compiled a list of seven realisations I had about why itís alright for us to feel lost. I find these are especially helpful to remember when Iím having a particularly bad day.